Welcome to SeaFOSS

SeaFOSS supports people and organizations in the Seattle region to coordinate events, network, and share ideas around three themes:

  1. Open Data
  2. Open Government
  3. Open Source

FOSS is an acronym for “Free and Open Source”.

The main service is the public calendar at http://seafoss.org/calendar

There is also a twitter feed at https://twitter.com/SeaFOSStweets

In addition to Seattle area events, major events in neighboring areas like Portland, Victoria, and Spokane may also be posted to the calendar.

Publicized events may have a broad range of topics such as:

  • Forums and discussions on matters of public policy
  • Open source software like Linux
  • Open data like public health, education, and transportation statistics
  • Free content like Wikipedia and photography released under a Creative Commons license
  • Major celebrations of culture, history, art, and science where the public nature of the content is important and people are encouraged to use social media to share the event
  • Networking events for professionals, enthusiasts, and students who are interested in public service in any field and are aligned with the SeaFOSS themes of open data, open government, and open source.

Here are some event guidelines for hosts and attendees if you want your event to be publicized by SeaFOSS, or if you want to attend an event that is mentioned by SeaFOSS:

  • Hosts should clearly identify the name, location, and date of the event
  • Hosts should clearly identify the group responsible for the event and contact information for the group.
  • Hosts, please be patient if you request that an event be posted. It may take up to a week for your request to be approved, so plan in advance. This is an entirely volunteer service and there are no guarantees that any event will be posted or posted accurately.
  • Hosts should take appropriate steps to ensure the safety and comfort of their attendees, and events should be in the interest of public service. Among other restrictions, this means that events that promote “black hat” hacking shouldn’t be advertised through SeaFOSS, and hosts should take steps to prevent harassment at their events.
  • Attendees, if you choose to go to an event, take appropriate safety precautions, especially if you are unfamiliar with the location or the people at the event, or if travel to and from the event would involve greater risk than you are comfortable taking. If you feel unsafe, it’s probably best not to attend. This website and its owner take no responsibility for the safety of you or your possessions.
  • Attendees, if you have questions about an event then please contact the event organizer.

How to add an event:

  • Click the “Event” menu in the upper left corner
  • Click “Add new event”
  • Edit the event settings and press “Save” when finished
  • The event will be hidden from the public calendar until it has been approved
  • If more than a week has passed and your event has not been approved, please contact SeaFOSStweets on Twitter.

This website and twitter feed are currently privately owned and maintained by Brett as a public service.

Please assume that contents of this website are copyrighted unless you see a note to the contrary.  Generally, blog and calendar posts are copyrighted under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license unless otherwise noted, or they may be ineligible for copyright and therefore free to copy. Portions of the website which are published under open licenses will be noted with the name and version of the license. This is for the protection of the website operator and because of the many variations of open source licenses.

Questions? Contact SeaFOSStweets on Twitter.

Enjoy the site!